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Healthy cooking should choose the right pot

Just as we wear clothes and wear shoes, we need to fit together, cooking, and even cooking soup, we need to use the pot. What kind of pot should we choose to make healthy and delicious. Nutrition experts remind the housewife to choose the right pot and make the right dish. Let’s take a look at the common knowledge of daily cooking.
Iron pot: should be cooked boiled soup
World Health Organization experts recommend using iron pans for cooking, because iron pans generally contain no other chemicals and very few dissolved substances. Even if iron is dissolved, it is good for the human body. Nutrition experts point out that cooking in iron pots is the most direct method of iron supplementation. However, the iron pan is easy to rust, it is not suitable for food overnight; it is not suitable for cooking soup, otherwise the surface of the iron pan will protect its rust-free cooking oil layer from disappearing.
Brush iron should use less detergent, slightly rust can be washed with vinegar. It is best to use a salt water bubble in the new iron pan, and then use a salad oil to remove the odor. You can also cut the ginger into pieces and wipe the pot after it has been hot.
Stainless steel pot: should cook porridge avoid acid and alkali
Iron pans are prone to rust, so many people choose stainless steel pans. Stainless steel pots are not completely rust-free. If they are exposed to acids and alkalis for a long time, they will also react chemically. Therefore, stainless steel containers should not contain salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup, etc. for a long time, and should not be washed with strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals.
Non-stick pan: should be fried and boiled
Non-stick pans are easy to clean, but they are far less healthy than the iron pan. Nutrition experts pointed out that the non-stick pan is not sticky. It is called “Teflon” coating at the bottom of the pot. If the coating is dry or the oil temperature is above 300 °C, it may be destroyed.
Many dishes need to be fried. The boiling point of the oil is 320 ° C, which can easily lead to the decomposition of harmful components in the non-stick pan. Therefore, avoid using non-stick pan when frying and frying food.
Pottery pot: Yishao soup avoids sour food
Due to good air permeability and special materials, many people like to use ceramics, casseroles, purple sand, etc. to soup or make tea. However, because some porcelain’s beautiful outerwear (glaze) contains lead, if the temperature is not enough when the porcelain is burned or the glaze ingredients do not meet the standard, it may cause more lead in the pot, which may cause heavy metal poisoning.
Pottery should not store alcohol, vinegar and acidic drinks and food. Newly bought casseroles should first be boiled with 4% vinegar water. When purchasing enamel tableware, the surface is required to be smooth and flat, the enamel is even, and the color is bright.
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