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We are a leading manufacturer & supplier of advanced cookware and kitchenware supplies.

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CHANGWEN has been committed to the production and sales of kitchenware for more than 22 years. We offer Cookware, Kitchen Utensil, Kitchen Knife and Whistle Kettles. Shipping worldwide with competitive prices and high quality.
We invest our passion, dedication and expertise to help our customers get kitchenware products easily. We love what we do and are driven to provide exceptional service.



CHANGWEN was established in 2002, focusing on the production and sales of cookware at first.



The product line has expanded from cookware to tableware and kettles.



The product line covers cookware sets, cutlery, kettles and kitchen tools, and has established a stable overseas customer base.



In the future, we will cater to market demand and provide customers with more and better kitchenware products.

22 Years Of Professional Kitchenware Company

Our customers now span Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. We efficiently provide our customers with suitable kitchenware products.


Become the industry’s number one cookware and kitchenware manufacturer.


Providing customers with high quality kitchenware and excellent customer service.


Our production team are able to provide the most suitable solution for your products which helps to bring the cost down.


We are investing in more new product research and development and expanding our product line to include knives and various kitchen tools.

Take A Look At The Production Line Of Changwen

As a professional factory, we have a complete production line and an operation room. Come and experience this wonderful factory tour together.

changwen team

Take A Look At Changwen’S Excellent Team

Welcome to the powerhouse behind Changwen, where innovation, dedication, and excellence converge to shape the future of kitchenware.Through organic growth, strategic acquisitions and targeted recruitment, we have assembled a group of executives whose knowledge of the cookware and kitchenware industry is second to none. All told, our management team alone has nearly 22 years of collective experience in both industries. Those “around the block” know the quickest path to solving problems and have their own network of trusted relationships. We’re passionate about making kitchen tools that inspire creativity, increase efficiency and enhance the joy of cooking.

Take A Look At Exhibitions Attended In The Past Of Changwen

Changwen has participated in many kitchenware exhibitions. Including Chicago Exhibition, Mexico Exhibition, Canton Fair, Hong Kong Exhibition, Poland Exhibition, Vietnam Exhibition, etc. At the exhibition, we will display our products and give away many samples so that you can touch our products and get more feelings.

Interested In Our Kitchenware? OEM/ODM

We turn your ideas into reality, providing the most exciting and innovative solutions to home kitchen supplies customers.

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