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How do I find the manufacturer of cookware

There are many manufacturers producing cookware of the same kind in the market. How can we quickly find a suitable manufacturer for OEM cookware? This requires some preparation.

(1)Do a good job in product positioning and investment budget. The manufacturer has a certain minimum order quantity for the products processed on behalf of others, which is basically mass production, and a small amount of processing is generally unacceptable. Batch processing also has certain price advantages for the agent.

(2) Start looking for the right factory. You can find the manufacturer of cookware in the following ways.

1. Find manufacturers through the co-processing platform. Each industry has its own trade platform. Generally, co-processing manufacturers will focus on B2B platforms, such as Alibaba website: com, China’s largest B2B trade platform. Search Alibaba’s website for keywords of corresponding products and find manufacturers through communication. The products produced by most factories in China will be sold on Alibaba, so you can contact them. Of course, there are also many traders above, who need to carefully identify themselves.

2. Find manufacturers by searching for product name+factory, manufacturer, etc. on major search engine platforms (such as Google, Bing, etc.). For example, cookwaremanufacture, or stainless steel cookware manufacturer. After finding the relevant website, open it to find the contact information, and then contact the other party by email or directly by phone.

3. For industry exhibitions, go to some industry exhibitions to find corresponding manufacturers. There are exhibitions in any industry. Generally, powerful manufacturers will attend the exhibition to show their products to attract customers.

4. Look on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. Many Chinese manufacturers’ sales will develop their own businesses in these SNS media, find relevant friends by searching for product keywords, and then inquire about relevant products. You can also pay attention to some groups in the industry, where many manufacturers publish information. These manufacturers can be found through SNS.

5. Through the introduction of friends in the same industry, it is also easier. If it is an enterprise that friends have cooperated with, it will be more reliable. It can shorten the time of early negotiation.

By choosing a reputable OEM enterprise, we not only found a stable incubation factory for our products, but also chose a long-term partner. There are many long-term customers with good reputation, while the opposite is worrisome.

What problems should we pay attention to when looking for co-processing partners?

When many brands are producing products, in order to save manpower and cost, they choose the method of co-processing. Before starting, they need to find a co-processing partner.

1. Formal and professional manufacturers

Formal and professional manufacturers refuse to choose small workshops due to low prices. The required qualification certificates can be produced, the products produced can pass the relevant quality inspection, there is no record of bad violations, and there is experience in cooperation with large enterprises and other groups.

2. It has a super large scale workshop and perfect production and testing equipment

It has its own large-scale manufacturers, introduces perfect production and testing equipment, and provides as many processing and production lines as possible for customers to choose to meet various needs. The final guarantee is that the goods will be delivered on time with quality and quantity guaranteed within the contract signing time.

3. With R&D team and marketing specialist

The headquarters has a professional R&D team and marketing specialists, who can continuously develop new products to meet the needs of market development. At the same time, they can better develop the market and gain their own space in the field.

4. One stop service

Each link is followed up by a specially assigned person to provide professional consulting and answering services, so as to eliminate the concerns of customers in the process of cooperation and facilitate the development of long-term partners. Therefore, choose a co processing partner that can provide one-stop service.

5. Quality assurance

The products are produced in strict accordance with the international ISO and GMP standards. The processes from raw materials, production, processing to logistics are controlled layer by layer. Samples are provided for trial use. Customers can experience the product effect in the process of cooperation, and the quality is more guaranteed.

By choosing a reputable OEM enterprise, we not only found a stable incubation factory for our products, but also chose a long-term partner. The reputation inspection can focus on the long-term cooperative customers of OEM manufacturers. There are many long-term customers with good reputation, otherwise, it is worrying.

There are still many such co-processing plants. How to choose them is very important. We should make a plan in advance to understand the strength and reputation of the co processing plants. The competition in the cookie ware industry is also quite fierce, so we should learn more about it.


How to find the manufacturer of cookware?. There are many cookware manufacturers in China, so it is not easy to find a suitable manufacturer. For more information on how to find the manufacturer of cookware, you can visit Changwen Learn more.