Commercial Stainless Steel Stock Pot CW-16093

22x21cm/8.4quart stockpot
24x22cm/10.5quart stockpot
26x23cm/12.9quart stockpot
28x26cm/16.9quart stockpot
30x27cm/20.2quart stockpot
32x24cm/20.4quart stockpot
36x28cm/30.1quart stockpot
42x28cm/41quart stockpot
50x30cm/62.4quart stockpot
26x26cm/14.6quart stockpot
28x28cm/18.2quart stockpot
30x30cm/22.4quart stockpot
32x32cm/27.2quart stockpot
36x36cm/38.7quart stockpot
40x40cm/53.1quart stockpot

Product name
Stainless Steel Stock Pot
Size avaliable
Lid avaliable
Handle and knob
S/S handle and SS wire knob with rivet
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Pros of Stainless Steel Cookware
· Durable, non-corrosive, not reactive, long-lasting
· Perfect for acidic foods and sauces
· Non-reactive, maintaining flavors from one dish to the next
· Very hygienic – doesn’t trap foods or bacteria
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Delivery Date
Within 60 days since deposit received.
Quality standard
Inspection based on AQL 2.5/4.0.
Sample leading time
7 – 15 days