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Changwen stainless steel whistle Kettle is a stove kettle with beautiful appearance and good performance. It provides a variety of styles. OEM/ODM

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Changwen Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

Stainless steel whistle kettle is a common kitchen appliance, it is not only beautiful and practical, but also very convenient. You can use it to boil water, make tea, make coffee, cook porridge, etc. It has the characteristics of safety, reliability, convenience in use, and easy to clean.

Why Choose Changwen Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle?

whistling kettle

Made of high-quality stainless steel, it makes drinking water more secure and safe.
The surface is sprayed with color, exquisite and beautiful, and life is more quality.
The automatic whistle device has a clear and non-irritating sound and prompts you when the water boils.
Highly efficient heat conduction shortens the time of boiling water.
Suitable for induction cookers, electric stoves, and gas stoves.

Meet Changwen Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

Why Use a Stovetop Tea Kettle?
Using a stovetop tea kettle is more convenient and faster to boil water. It quickly heats water to 212°F (100℃), especially when you are preparing breakfast quickly in the morning. Boil water for tea, or use a French press or hand-poured coffee. Stovetop kettles are versatile and are a great gift for tea and coffee lovers.
Changwenstovetop tea kettle is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is very durable and can boil a pot of water in as fast as 4 minutes. Excellent spout design makes pouring water easy. The handle stays cool when the kettle is hot. Various styles can be customized. Use on any stovetop, including induction, electric, ceramic and halogen stoves. .

classic whistling kettle

Classic Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

Large-caliber spout, faster water flow. Automatic whistle to remind you when the water boils, safe and worry-free during the whole process of boiling water. The handle is made of anti-scalding bakelite, which is heat-insulated and not hot, and safe to use.
Available in silver, gray, black, red, blue, and customized colors are also available. Available in different capacities such as 2.0L, 2.5L, 3.0L, 3.5L, etc.

3L Blue Hammer Wood Grain Nylon Handle Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

Hammer pattern kettle, piano lacquer lasting gloss, 3.0L large capacity, food grade stainless steel, automatic whistle device when water boils.
Clip-on spout, stainless steel inside, the spout makes a crisp sound when water boils, less likely to cause accidents.
Heat insulation handle design, heat insulation nylon handle design, comfortable feel, easy to grasp.
Stainless steel kettle body, sanding treatment of the bottom liner, the kettle body is made of superior stainless steel, not easy to rust, not easy to corrode.
Rapid and uniform heat conduction, reinforced bottom design, uniform heating, rapid heat conduction.
Suitable for a variety of stoves, electric stoves, gas stoves, electric ceramic stoves, induction cookers, halogen stoves.

3l blue hammer wood grain handle stainless steel whistling kettle

Customized Whistling Kettles Of Different Styles

Whistling kettles customization includes shape, capacity, material, color pattern, handle, spout, whether to integrate a thermometer, company logo, etc.

Nylon Material Handle & Getty Style

whistling kettle

Metal + Nylon Combined Handle Style

whistling kettle

Wood Grain Handle Style

whistling kettle

We have many styles of whistling kettles, contact us for a kettle catalog.

How Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle Manufactured

changwen’s stainless steel whistle kettle are made of high-quality stainless steel and pay attention to every detail during the manufacturing process to achieve excellent product quality. Continuous innovation while ensuring quality to provide you with high-quality whistle kettle with rich functions.

stainless steel whistling kettle manufacturing process

Selection of Materials

Choose high quality stainless steel material.

stainless steel whistling kettle manufacturing process

Cutting the Metal

Stainless steel sheets are cut into the desired shapes.

stainless steel whistling kettle manufacturing process


The cut stainless steel sheets are stamped into shape using a CNC machine tool to form the body of a stainless steel kettle.

stainless steel whistling kettle manufacturing process

Base Molding

Assemble and weld the pot body and base.

stainless steel whistling kettle manufacturing process

Welding Spout

Weld the spout and the body together.

stainless steel whistling kettle manufacturing process


The surface of the kettle is made bright and smooth through processes such as grinding and polishing.

stainless steel whistling kettle manufacturing process

Handle Assembly

Assemble the kettle handle onto the kettle body.

stainless steel whistling kettle manufacturing process


Packaged and prepared for distribution.

Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle FAQ

The size of the kettle opening also determines how easy it is to clean. Openings larger than 4.25 inches in diameter are easier to clean.

Kettles with energy-gathering bottoms will boil faster, as will kettles with flat bottoms.

As the number of uses increases, a layer of white scale will accumulate at the bottom of the kettle, which is composed of calcium carbonate. It needs to be cleaned regularly with baking soda or vinegar.

Changwen’s kettle can be used on an induction cooker.

The capacity for general household use is 2-3L.

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