Custom Honeycomb Nonstick Fry Pan

Custom Honeycomb Nonstick Fry Pan

Honeycomb non-stick frying pan is now a very popular cookware in the kitchen, especially in the United States and Europe. If you are a cookware or kitchenware dealer, I think you need to know about this product.

What is a Honeycomb Non-Stick Fry Pan?

The honeycomb non-stick frying pan is a type of non-stick frying pan. The concave and convex texture is etched into the pot wall through the etching process, which better solves the problem of the coating easily falling off. Because the etched texture is similar to the honeycomb shape, it is called honeycomb non-stick frying pan.

Why honeycomb non-stick frying pan is popular in the market

Outstanding Non-Stick Ability: Honeycomb pans, known for their impressive non-stick properties, allow for easy cooking and cleanup. Consumers reported how even fried eggs could easily slide out of the pan.

Durability: Honeycomb non-stick frying pans are often made from high-quality materials that bolster their durability. The extra resilience of the honeycomb pattern helps protect the surface from scratches and damages, thereby enhancing the longevity of the pan.

Aesthetics: Apart from its practical benefits, a Honeycomb non-stick frying pan can also add visual appeal to your kitchen due to its unique design, which consumers find attractive.

Healthy and Efficient Cooking: The design allows for effective heat distribution, promoting evenly heated cooking surfaces, and less oil use thanks to its non-stick properties.

Why Customize Honeycomb Non-Stick Frying Pans

1. Meet different market needs
The great feature of the honeycomb non-stick frying pan is the beautiful honeycomb pattern. You can choose the corresponding pattern according to the preferences of the local market.

2. Size
Customization allows you to choose the perfect size for your needs.

3.Handle Design
A comfortable grip is crucial for safety and ease of use. Select a handle design that feels good in your hand and provides a secure grip.

Honeycomb non-stick frying pans are generally made of three-layer stainless steel. High-quality stainless steel is used to improve product durability and cooking experience.

Choose nonstick coatings that are free of harmful chemicals like PFOA and PFAS for healthier and safer cookware.

How to Find a Manufacturer to Customize a Honeycomb Nonstick Fry Pan?

There are many manufacturers of customized non-stick frying pans, but there are far fewer manufacturers of customized honeycomb non-stick frying pans. The honeycomb structure requires certain technology. There are many factories in Jiangmen, China that produce honeycomb non-stick frying pans, with very mature technology and production experience. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States and other countries.

What structures does the honeycomb non-stick frying pan have?

1.Four-layer structure
Honeycomb non-stick coating + 316 stainless steel + aluminum thermal conductive layer + 430 stainless steel magnetic conductive layer

2.Five-layer structure
Honeycomb non-stick coating + 316 stainless steel + aluminum thermal conductive layer + high-purity aluminum layer + aluminum thermal conductive layer + 430 magnetically conductive stainless steel

Gas stoves, gas stoves, and induction cookers can all be used.

Comparison between honeycomb pattern non-stick frying pan and ordinary coated non-stick frying pan

Honeycomb Pattern Non-stick Frying Pan Ordinary Coated Non-stick Frying Pan
Advantages Resistant to scratches and can be used with a shovel.
Even heat conduction.
Both scratch-resistant and non-stick.
Best non-stick effect。
Disadvantages The pot body is relatively heavy.
The price is slightly higher than ordinary non-stick pans.
Not wear-resistant, the coating is easy to fall off, and the service life is short. It usually needs to be replaced in one or two years.