Stainless Steel Stock Pot With Glass Lid

Guide to Stainless Steel Pot Cooking Techniques

1.Heat Control: Cook using medium-low heat for optimal results.

2.Achieving a Physical Non-Stick Surface: Preheat an empty pot over medium-high heat until water droplets form beads, or heat oil in a cold pot until fine oil patterns appear. Lower the heat to achieve a physical non-stick effect.

3.Salt Addition Timing: Avoid storing a large amount of salt in cold water in a stainless steel pot for an extended period. Also, refrain from using a stainless steel pot for prolonged food marination.

4.Recommended Cooking Methods:

a. Hot Oil in a Cold Pan Method: Place oil in an empty pot, preheat over medium heat for 2 minutes, observe the oil patterns, and heat until fine oil patterns appear before starting the cooking process.

b. Hot Pot and Cold Oil Method: Preheat over medium-low heat for approximately 2-3 minutes until water droplets form beads. The pot is ready for cooking.

c. Waterless Cooking The principle of waterless cooking involves the tight seal between the Rydes pot lid and the pot body, preventing easy water evaporation. This method relies on three-dimensional water vapor circulation for cooking, suitable for fresh green leafy vegetables and other ingredients. Since there’s no need for stir-frying, minimal water evaporates, preserving vitamins and nutrients and indirectly saving energy.

Method: Place vegetables in the pot, cover it, and cook over medium-low heat. When steam emerges from the pot lid’s edge, adjust the heat or turn off the heat source based on ingredient weight.

d. Cooking Tips When frying fish or meat, it is recommended to use the cold pan hot oil cooking method. Fry until the ingredients can be gently pushed before flipping.

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