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How many variations of stainless steel are available?

In our daily lives, the use of stainless steel pots is commonplace, and the market offers a diverse array of this material. So, just how many models of stainless steel are there?

  1. Various Classifications of Stainless Steel Materials

Stainless steel is typically categorized into five groups: martensite, ferrite, duplex, austenite, and precipitation hardening. Common grades like 201, 301, and 304 fall within the austenite range and exhibit non-magnetic properties. On the other hand, grades like 410 and 430 belong to the martensite range, displaying strong magnetic characteristics. The widely used stainless steel in daily life is 304 stainless steel, extensively employed in food storage, industrial equipment, and various other applications.

  1. Techniques in Stainless Steel Processing

Stainless steel processing involves mechanically manipulating the material through actions such as shearing, folding, bending, and welding to create the stainless steel products necessary for industrial production. This process requires a plethora of machine tools, instruments, and stainless steel processing equipment. The equipment is categorized into shearing equipment and surface treatment equipment, with shearing equipment further divided into leveling and slitting equipment. Additionally, based on the thickness of stainless steel, there are cold and hot rolling processing equipment. Thermal cutting equipment includes plasma cutting, laser cutting, water cutting, and more.

Principles of Stainless Steel Surface Processing Grades:

  • Heat-treated and pickled after hot rolling, commonly used in cold-rolled materials, industrial tanks, chemical industry assemblies, etc.
  • Blunt surface: Heat-treated and pickled after cold rolling, offering a soft material with a silvery white luster on the surface. Applied in deep stamping processing, such as automobile components and water pipes.
  • Matte surface: After cold rolling, heat treatment, and pickling, the surface is moderately bright. Smooth and easy to grind, it finds widespread use in applications such as tableware and building materials.

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