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How to buy the non-stick pan correctly

Nowadays, with the development of the kitchen appliance market, especially like the non-stick pan, it has become one of the essential kitchen utensils for the family. It has the advantages of convenience, energy saving, etc., and is deeply loved by consumers. Therefore, how to choose a high-quality and affordable non-stick pan has become a concern of consumers. Today, Jinzizi Fashion Kitchenware reminds consumers to pay attention to the following three points when purchasing non-stick pans.
First, you can make targeted choices according to your own needs. That is to determine what kind of heat source the non-stick pan that you purchased is heated. If it is an induction cooker, it should be made of stainless steel or iron. If it is a gas cooker, it should be made of aluminum or iron. Only when the pot is selected in a targeted manner can the durability and aesthetics of the non-stick pan be better ensured.
Second, you can choose from the appearance. When selecting, you can carefully observe whether the surface of the non-stick pan is smooth, whether the color is uniform, and whether the surface has obvious defects such as dirt, cracks and bubbles. At the same time, when selecting a non-stick pan with a large diameter (above 30cm), pay attention to whether the joint between the pan handle and the pan body is firm.
Third, should pay attention to the inspection of non-stick easy to clean performance. To identify whether the non-stick pan is qualified or not, you can do a simple non-stick test: firstly test the surface of the non-stick coating with a soft cloth dipped in vegetable oil, wash it with warm water and detergent, then wash it with water and dry it. When the non-stick pan is burned to 1500 degrees Celsius to 1700 degrees Celsius, the fresh eggs are put into the pot, no oil is put on, and the pan is turned over when it is solidified. The eggs can fall freely and are qualified products.
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