Stainless Steel Cookware Set

How to use the newly bought pot to be easy to use and long-lasting?

Method one:
If it is non-stick, you can use the pot to burn red, then pour it into boiling water and boil it. After about 10 minutes of drying, it can be used.
Method Two:
Newly bought iron pan, there are a lot of rust can not be used, you can use sandpaper to rub the rust first, brush it twice with water, set it on fire, then use hot water to clean it, you can use it.
Method three:
You can also soak the iron pot in the rice water for a few hours, then wash it with water, and the rust on the iron pot will be cleaned up.
Method four:
Before using the new pot, you can pour the appropriate amount of vinegar into the wok after the heat, and then wash it with a hard brush. Drain the dirty vinegar and wash it with water to remove the odor of the new pot.
Method five:
Buy some fat pork, cut the pork into small pieces, heat the iron pan, and then put the fat into the pan. Keep a small fire all the time, and continue to apply the fat in the pot until the fat is dried. This will remove the protective film from the iron pan and ensure that the iron pan will not rust.
Method six:
Add salt to the pot before using the new iron pot. Slowly fry the salt from yellow to yellow, then add water and oil to the pot and boil. This removes the odor of the new pot and prevents the iron from rusting.
Method seven:
Some new pots have an unpleasant rust smell. You can put the cut sweet potato skin into a pot and cook it to remove the rust smell of the iron pot.
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