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Product name
Stainless Steel Casserole
Size avaliable
Lid avaliable
Stainless Steel/Glass
Handle and knob
Wood handle and knob
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Pros of Stainless Steel Cookware
· Durable, non-corrosive, not reactive, long-lasting
· Perfect for acidic foods and sauces
· Non-reactive, maintaining flavors from one dish to the next
· Very hygienic – doesn’t trap foods or bacteria
· Various metal coatings available to improve performance
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Delivery Date
Within 60 days since deposit received.
Quality standard
Inspection based on AQL 2.5/4.0.
Sample leading time
7 – 15 days
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A removable wooden block on the handle locks the lid securely. Even if the pot is turned upside down, the lid will not fall off, which effectively prevents food waste from being dropped.


Pouring spout and draining lid for easy draining.Quick, convenient and labor-saving way of pouring water, just tilt the body of the pot to quickly drain water, helping your kitchen to a higher level.

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