cookware manufacturer clean burnt stainless steel pot

The stainless steel pan is burnt. Which method is the best for cleaning

If stainless steel pan charred , which method is the best for cleaning

Stainless steel wok is a kind of cooker that many families will buy now. In addition to its bright appearance, stainless steel frying pans also have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, safety and health. However, stainless steel frying pans also have a troublesome disadvantage. If stainless steel frying pans are not careful in use and burn, they will carbonize and turn black. Then, what if the stainless steel frying pan is burnt? There are many cleaning methods, but which one has the best effect? Which one can save time and labor for cleaning with different degrees of burning?

Daily cleaning:

1. Usually, if you wipe it with a cleaning cloth and steel wire ball, there will be black residue, which is not only ugly, but also affects your health after heating;

2. To be clean, first pour a bottle of detergent with a cap in the bowl;

3. Pour two more caps of ketchup;

4. Add 3 bottles of capped water;

5. The materials shall be well prepared and mixed evenly;

6. Pour it into a stainless steel pot, smear it on the place with black dirt residue, and let it stand for 10 minutes;

7. Finally, wipe the mixture with a cloth by pressing and scrubbing;

8. After washing with water, the stainless steel pan will be as clean as new.

Best top china stainless steel cookware manufacturers
Best top china stainless steel cookware manufacturers

General black scale:

1. If Black dirt in stainless steel pot  is not very serious, you can pour baking soda into the pot;

2. Then, using a wet rag or cleaning cloth to scrub;

Tips: 2 portions of baking soda+1 portion of water can clean any other stainless steel products, such as refrigerator doors, cabinets, etc. After mixing into liquid, wet the towel and then scrub it~

Persistent black scale:

1. If there is stubborn black dirt in the stainless steel pan, you can pour a mixture of vinegar and water into the pan;

2. The ratio of vinegar and water is 2:8, let it boil;

3. Turn off the fire after boiling for 1 minute, add a little baking soda, and let stand for 10 minutes until the pot cools down. Then pour out the mixture and rinse it with water and sponge.

The most appropriate method can be selected according to the degree of burning.

How to prevent stainless steel pan from burning black

1. When using the stainless steel pan, the fire should not be too large or concentrated. If the fire is too fierce, it is easy to burn the stainless steel pan black. It is recommended

Use a small fire to heat the bottom of the pot evenly and slowly.

2. When using a stainless steel pot, not only the inside of the pot should be kept clean, but also the bottom of the pot should be kept clean. If there is dirt under the bottom of the pot, it is easy to burn black when contacting the fire.

3. After the stainless steel pot is used up, it must be cleaned and dried for next use. If the bottom of the pot is wet when it is used, it is easy to turn black after adding fire.

4. If it is found that the bottom of the pot is burnt black, it should be cleaned. When cleaning, if there is dirt underneath, remove the dirt first, and then slowly scrub it with wire dipped detergent.

5. As long as we keep the stainless steel pot clean at ordinary times and use more care, the stainless steel pot will always be as bright as it was just bought. In addition, the stainless steel pot should not be burned dry, otherwise it will not only be low but also black, even inside the pot will become black.

cookware factory clean burnt stainless steel po
cookware factory clean burnt stainless steel po

Tips for Using Stainless Steel Pots

1、 When using stainless steel pot for the first time, pay attention to:

When using stainless steel pots and tools for the first time, you must first warm the pots and tools with clean water+white vinegar, then wash them with hot water, and then wipe them dry inside and outside before using them.

2、 Attention shall be paid to:

1. Before cooking, please wipe off the water or oil stain inside and outside the pot to prevent the pot from turning yellow and black after cooking at high temperature.

2. Avoid burning the cooker in the air for a long time, which may cause deformation of the cooker and affect its service life.

3. The food capacity shall not exceed the maximum scale marked on the pot, or be controlled within 80% of the pot capacity.

4. Try to cook on a low fire.

5. Do not directly sprinkle salt on the surface of the pot. Please add salt to boiling water or hot liquid.

6. Please do not put acidic or alkaline food in the pot for a long time to avoid corrosion on the surface of the pot.

7. Only pans with stainless steel handles can be put into the oven for use.

3、 Attention after use of stainless steel pot:

1. After use, clean the pots and tools with the remaining temperature of the pots and tools, add water and a little detergent, wipe the pots and tools with a soft cloth or sponge, and dry the inside and outside of the pots and tools with a dry cloth after cleaning.

2. Please avoid using cold water to wash high temperature pots and pans directly, so as not to cause a lot of water mist, making pots and pans difficult to clean. It is recommended to use warm water for cleaning.

3. Wipe off any stainless steel pans and utensils after they are cleaned with clean water, otherwise a small amount of detergent left in the pans and utensils will corrode the surface in damp conditions.

What food is suitable for cooking in stainless steel pot

A good pot is a necessary tool to become a kitchen god, a nurse and a father. What can stainless steel cooking utensils do?

Frying pan

Frying pan: a non stick frying pan with top or sub top coating of 28cm and above, and a stainless steel frying pan with a flat bottom of about 20cm.

Non stick pan is suitable for: fried dumplings, egg cakes, slippery eggs, fried fish, etc., which can reduce the amount of cooking oil.

The flat bottom stainless steel pan is suitable for frying steak, lamb chops, etc., which need to be burnt, and can lead open fire into the pot or directly into the oven.

Best top china stainless steel cookware manufacturers
Best top china stainless steel cookware manufacturers

Soup pot

Soup pot: a 24cm stainless steel pot.

Stainless steel pot is suitable for cooking noodles, dumplings, wonton, dumplings and other pasta.


Steaming pan: stainless steel pan with a steaming plate of about 30cm.

Suitable for: Steaming all kinds of steamed bread and cereals. When there are many diners, he can also occasionally act as a big soup pot envoy.

Frying pan

Wok: a large stainless steel wok.

Suitable for: Chinese stir fry.

It can bring out the flavor of food even more if you stir it in a big fire.


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