Stainless Steel Non-Stick Frying Pan

Think about how many people are in your family and decide how big a stainless steel pan to buy

Cookware is not the bigger the better, think about how many people in the family, and the style of cooking you usually do, and then decide what size stainless steel pan to buy.

Generally 28~30cm skillet is already a large size, considering that you will use the skillet to fry fish, you can buy a 28cm pan. If you usually just use it for frying eggs and pancakes – and the pancakes are only for two people – then you don’t need a big pan at all. Otherwise:

When the pan is large and the ingredients are small, the parts that are not covered by the ingredients are actually easy to overheat, causing unnecessary wear and tear on the pan;

The portion size of cooking is not well grasped. For example, a pancake, the amount of two people may be enough to use a 24cm pot, barely 30cm to do, enough to do two pancakes of the ingredients may only be enough to do one and a half, inevitably have to do more than enough to eat to do less and not enough to eat the embarrassment.

So how to choose the size of stainless steel pot?

If usually two people eat, only buy a skillet, I recommend buying 24cm or 26cm, depending on the amount of food;

If there is a budget to buy two stainless steel frying pan, then I recommend buying another smaller size stainless steel pan, easy to do something small!

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