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What are the differences between stainless steel woks and other woks?

What is a stainless steel wok made of? Why is it so heavy?

Most of the commercially available stainless steel woks are made of tri-ply structure (think of it as a sandwich cookie), with stainless steel on both the inner and outer surfaces.

Compared with ordinary single-layer steel wok, tri-ply stainless steel wok has fast heat conduction, even heat transfer and durability, but because of the thick base material, it will be slightly bulky when you actually hold it.

What are the advantages of stainless steel wok?

1. Healthy material. Most of the well-known brand manufacturers use good stainless steel, stainless steel material itself is resistant to acid, salt, corrosion, long-term use will not precipitate heavy metals and other harmful substances;

2. No coating, no rust, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, strong and durable;

3. Because it will not rust and the material is healthy, it is very suitable for steaming. The following stew, the top can also add a steaming grid distilled steamed buns or steamed vegetables;

4. Distinguished from other black and heavy pots, the shiny texture of the brushed metal itself makes it very bright in the kitchen, and comes out with its own highlights.

What are the disadvantages of stainless steel wok?

Heavy, more difficult to upside down; stainless steel “light color” is also easy to dirty, by the impurities of the gas baked for a long time will be easy to yellow.

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