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What are the precautions for using stainless steel pans?

1, the bottom of the pot with steel aluminum steel three-layer composite bottom, fast heat absorption, heat transfer uniformity, general cooking in the fire can fully meet the energy needs, without the need to open the fire, the benefits of cooking with a small fire is to save energy, pots and pans are not easy to yellow and black.

2, general stir-fry with cold pot cold oil, that is, cold pot into the dish after pouring cooking oil, cover the lid, and then open the small fire. When the edge of the lid of the pan with water vapor, you can put the seasonings and stir. This will not destroy the vitamins in the food.

3, there is a need for onion, ginger or garlic stir-fry vegetables, you can use hot oil hot vegetables, if it is beans need to add a little water, such as water vapor, open a small fire to cook for a short period of time.

4, do not put salt in the empty pot to heat, not directly in cold water into the salt, not fully dissolved salt gathered in the bottom of the pot will lead to corrosion of pots and pans and produce white spots. The correct method is to evenly sprinkle salt before the food out of the pot, so that in addition to no damage to the pots and pans, but also to preserve the iodine content of the salt.

Stainless steel pots and pans in the use of the process to pay attention to the above issues will give you to reduce a lot of unnecessary worries, to develop good cooking habits, so you eat more healthy!

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