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What stainless steel pot is considered a good pot?

In today’s kitchen, all kitchen appliances return to the real, cooking food is important to the fire and cookware, stainless steel pot is almost every Chinese kitchen necessary elements, a good stainless steel pot in the kitchen is far more important than everyone imagined.

The pot is good, a hand on the immediately see the difference, in general, good stainless steel pots have the following characteristics: 1, healthy and environmentally friendly, reduce fumes
When the pot is heated for use, PFOA-free is the primary standard of safety, the use of Nikko stainless steel pot brand, health and safety is guaranteed, especially when heating, the use of this coating of the pot, the amount of fumes produced is greatly reduced, to protect the health of a family of large and small.

2, high cooking efficiency
Thickened stainless steel pot bottom, both non-slip and not easy to deform, uniform heating, time-saving and energy-saving, durable and long-lasting; applicable to open stove induction cooker, electric ceramic stove and electric stove and other types of heat sources, a variety of cooking scenarios to switch at will.

3、Simple and modern appearance
ALLBLACK cool black, the achievement of the kitchen classics, non-stick frying pan combination, dare to try, dare to black, achievement of new classics.

4、Good sense of use, strong universality
Lightweight pot body, easy to fry, selected more suitable for young people’s aluminum alloy material, high thermal conductivity, heat conduction uniformity; one-handed cooking effortless, frying more addictive.

5、Good design, good material
Non-stick pot body, easier to clean, selected coating, order rag gently wipe, can be bright again, a new look; transparent glass cover, cooking progress of the whole grasp, heat insulation and anti-scald; the whole pot body is easy to clean, a wipe a wipe to get rid of stains.

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