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Why choose stainless steel cookers and what should be paid attention to?

Type of stainless steel pot

In fact, stainless steel is a metal material made of iron and other metals. The stainless steel pot is more durable, corrosion resistant and has high strength than ordinary pots.

It is applicable to stainless steel pans. There are three most common types, 304L stainless steel , 316L stainless steel and 430 stainless steel.

The chromium and nickel in the stainless steel pot have the function of rust prevention, and nickel can also increase the luster. 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel are both food grade stainless steel. 316L stainless steel has a little more nickel than 304L stainless steel, which has better rust resistance and stronger luster

The reason why the nickel content of 430 stainless steel is less than 1% is ignored. Compared with 300 series stainless steel, it is easier to rust. The reason why it is not used to directly contact food is that it is suitable for making the bottom of stainless steel pot. Because it is magnetic, it can be used in induction cookers.

Delamination of stainless steel pot

In addition, we should take a look at the number of layers. Three layers are the most common and the most basic.

Stainless steel has many advantages, but the thermal conductivity of pure stainless steel is not very good, so it usually becomes a sandwich. In this way, the advantages of stainless steel can be maximized through the combination of different metals. Generally, aluminum is used for the interlayer because of its good thermal conductivity, so that the stainless steel pot after the interlayer will not have local overheating or charring, and the thermal conductivity is fast and uniform.

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Then the more layers, the better? Not necessarily.

Compared with the three layers of aluminum, the five layers of stainless steel with aluminum and copper interlayer can certainly effectively avoid pot pasting, and conduct heat faster and more evenly. However, if all the five layers of aluminum interlayer are five layers, the heat conduction is better than that of ordinary aluminum three layers, but the boiler body is also heavier. It is better to focus on whether the interlayer is evenly distributed in the whole boiler body rather than just at the bottom.

Handle connection of stainless steel pan

Generally, there are three common connection methods at the connection of the pot handle: rivet connection, welding, and screw connection. It is not recommended to choose screw connection, because it is easy to rust and loosen. The rivet can be used in the pot with copper outer layer, which is more suitable for the face value party. The disadvantage is that the inner layer of the pot has rivet corners, which need to be cleaned separately. Welding is the choice of our professional kitchen, because the pot is better cleaned, there will be no sanitary dead space, but the disadvantage is that most of them are not very beautiful, and if the pot handle is loose, the rivet is still safer, because the welding may directly fall off the pot handle without giving you any reaction time. However, welding or rivet can be selected according to personal preference.

Safety of stainless steel pot

Some people say that the stainless steel pot will release heavy metal manganese, causing Parkinson’s disease. There is no need to worry about this. According to international standards, there are strict regulations on the manganese content of stainless steel products. As long as it is a qualified product, it will not cause damage to health.

Use of stainless steel pot

The stainless steel pot is suitable for clear frying or frying less oil dishes, as well as for boiling water and braising rice. There is no need to worry about the discoloration of the stir fried vegetables or the paste pot.

Best top china stainless steel cookware manufacturers


It is recommended to choose a stainless steel pot: three layers of interlayer, the top layer is 304L/316L stainless steel, the interlayer is aluminum, the bottom layer is 430 stainless steel, and the handle does not contain screws. This is a stainless steel pot with good heat conductivity and is not easy to rust, which is worth buying.

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