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Why do you need a stainless steel pan to fry a steak?

When frying meat in a Changwen Steak Stainless Steel Frying Pan, the juices will run out, especially with beef, which has a particularly high amount of oil, and these oils don’t work when they soak the meat for frying, so you need to have these raised stripes to allow the excess juices to flow underneath and keep the meat surface temperature.

A steak browned in a stainless steel pan will have attractive char marks on the surface oh.

With a Changwen steak stainless steel frying pan, you must preheat it before frying, preheat it on a high temperature of 220 degrees with a little oil.

Frying steak should never be cold, and do not have to fry for a long time, must have patience and wait for the preheating process.

When the preheating temperature is about right, put the steak on. Don’t turn it over, fry it until the underside is browned and then turn it over.

If you have a gas stove on an open flame, turn it up to high heat at first as well, brown quickly on one side before flipping, then turn the heat to medium and cook for just a little longer. This process has a wonderful Melad reaction, which makes the steak charred on the outside and tender and flavourful on the inside.

Don’t fry the steak for too long or it will be too tough to eat.

As soon as the steak comes out of the pan, drizzle it with the steak sauce and serve!

In order to eat more convenient, cut it into strips, and then row into the steak, the plate also looks good Oh!

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